Truly, I’m glad to meet you – and to welcome you here as you make yourself at home and explore this space.

Know as you begin that this is a place of community and connection. A place devoid of expectation, but committed to exploration. A place where we move together, write together, learn together, grow together.

Over and again you’ll see me refer to this place as home. But, really, it’s the various practices on offer that, alone or together, contribute to settling you there. Because of course I don’t mean a physical home, with four walls and a roof, but rather an unshakeable sense of being at home in yourself. An embodied sense of belonging. An absolute knowledge that you, in your entirety, are welcomed, accepted and seen. 

This place is yours – if you’d like it to be. And within it you’ll be helped to find your way home.

“Lisa’s classes and workshops are like a human reset button and life in between has just that bit more space, energy, lift, awareness, compassion and courage”



Learn to live in partnership with yourself.

Find the courage, confidence and trust to take every next step that you need to in a life that is ever more yours. Across 6 months we work to shift limiting beliefs around perfection, productivity, self-worth and agency, and with an unrelenting commitment to creating space in our lives take this embodied knowledge of possibility and step into the fullness of what we were meant to be in this life.

Because what if you knew there was more? And what if every day you took your next step forward into that more knowing that you 100% had your own back in the process.