What I do...

If I was to sum up what I do in a sentence, it’d be that I create space within which people might remember their way home to themselves.

Because when we can each be who we truly are; when we realise that no one of us is better than the other; when we step out from the shadows of shame and not enough-ness to claim our unique place on this earth; when we are able to take good care of ourselves...

...well only then are we finally enabled to take that good care of each other and of the world that surrounds us.

And if that isn’t needed in the world right now I don’t know what is.

Sensitivity is my superpower.

I see you. Because I am you.

I have always been a sensitive soul but it took an awfully long time for me to understand, accept and value this trait.

I identify as INFJ and HSP. I am highly sensitive, deeply intuitive and have a heart that feels big enough to hold the whole world. I care deeply about things. I care deeply about you.

You are everything.

Let me be totally honest with you – I have lived in darkness. I have felt small, lost, confused, less than. I spent a long time living a life that wasn’t mine. I can hand on heart say that I know what it is to be afraid of showing up in the world as who you are.

It took me a long time to find my way back to myself. And yet now here I am.

Today I recognise what on some level I have always known: that I am here to help others.

To teach, to share, to communicate, to support.

To show you, who perhaps also has had some sense of not quite being enough, that you are everything, just as you are.

More than movement, more than yoga.

Creating sensitive, intuitive, heartfelt space.

I began teaching yoga in 2016 and while there’s a time that I would have simply labelled myself a yoga teacher, the truth today is different.

I work with movement, yes, and that movement originates from the practice of yoga. I also draw deeply on other practices – somatics, embodiment, journalling, reflective work, discussion and community.

When you look at the whole, what you come to understand is that my role really is to create space. Sensitive, intuitive, heartfelt space.

Space within which you’re seen.

Space within which you can explore.

Space within which you get to embody the truth of who you are.

Space within which change is not only possible but probable.

Are you ready?

I don’t care what you look like, where you come from, what you do or how you move. And truly, the sophistication of your existing practice or practices is irrelevant here.

What I wonder about is what’s in your heart.

So whichever of the practices you join me for, whichever of the programmes you join me in, know that you’ll be entering a place where you are welcomed, accepted and seen. And that within that place we’ll be working on coming home. 

I’m ready. The question is are you?