Near the beginning of the pandemic, more than a year ago now, I took a leap and launched a reflective journalling session called WRITE – a small group of beautiful people coming together every fortnight to journal, share and reflect. And it’s been life changing for everyone involved.

But what if there was more?

What if every day you got up knowing that change was possible, that ‘new’ was possible. What if every day you took your next step forward knowing that you did so while being held in a S P A C E that 100% had your back.

For a long time now I’ve had a vision of creating spaces for people within which they are able to come home to themselves. Spaces within which it’s safe to face fears, reclaim desires, expand horizons.

The vision has been manifesting in subtle shifts in what I teach for the past couple of years – we do a little of it in MOVE, a bit more in REST, even more again in WRITE. Now we arrive here. At the edge of this container called S P A C E. A levelling up of what we’ve done to date, and a huge opportunity for change.

the embers
as they burn down
towards the sea
the light as it surrenders another day
to the dark
the quiet silence
the opening out of everything in a moment
a moment that's there and then gone
evening sun setting on the sea with wispy clouds in the air and an empty beach in the foreground

What is S P A C E?

S P A C E is a 6-month container (or programme, but we’ll come back to that) for those of you who feel you’re teetering on the brink of something new, of something more. You know it’s there, but it’s not quite (yet) within your reach.

Because to get there, you have to take a step into the unknown. To willingly surrender outdated beliefs. To willingly step into the dark. To willingly exist in the silence. To willingly place trust in the fact that answers will come. And to willingly act upon them when they do.⁠

In S P A C E, you get to do the work of learning to live in full partnership with yourself so that you can bridge that gap.

You unravel the stories holding you back. You understand and answer your needs for your future. You guide yourself towards the life you know you need to live.

In this place it is safe to be vulnerable, fearful and honest. It’s also a place where you get to be courageous and brave. Here in this container you get to hold it all at the same time, with clarity and awareness, and take every next step that you need.

Across the 6 months we will work to shift limiting beliefs around perfection, productivity, self-worth and agency, and with an unrelenting commitment to creating space in our lives take this embodied knowledge of possibility and step into the fullness of what we were meant to be in this life.

Because if you already know that there’s more, what would happen if every day you took your next step forward into it knowing that you 100% had your own back in doing so?


6 topics provide a framework for our work together though this isn’t to say we won’t step outside of them when we need to – this is YOUR space and will be your space throughout.

  1. What do you need?
  2. Roots and resilience
  3. I don’t have time
  4. Less is more
  5. What is perfect anyway?
  6. Your sovereign self

Is it for me?


This is a space within which you get to step into being the fullest, truest version of yourself. Within which you get to come home. Within which you will be supported in transforming into everything you were meant to be.

At 8 weeks you have shifted your understanding of what it is to hold yourself in high esteem, and at 12 weeks you have clear lines of communication with the part of you that knows what it is you need from life now. By the end of the programme you are making decisions for yourself you’d never have been brave enough to make before. And faithfully putting one foot in front of the other, stepping into the unknown knowing it’s really the only place you need to be.

And let’s be honest, change begets change. So not only is this is a space where you get to change things for yourself, but from which we get to change things in the wider world too. Because as we step into our power, so those around us are enabled to do the same. And more empowered people like you in the world… that’s got to be a good thing, no?


How does it work?

You might have started to get the sense that I believe in this A LOT. Because I do. And if I’m totally honest, the decision-making process about choosing to jump on board here will be largely instinctive – a case of listening deeply to what your gut and heart have to say. But I know there are practicalities to be answered too so here’s the stuff your brain is perhaps more interested in…

Fortnightly group coaching/mentoring sessions
~ 10x 90-120min sessions online (length will flex depending on the number of participants).
~ 3x extended sessions in-person including a walk or similar somewhere beautifully spacious.

Bi-monthly private coaching/mentoring sessions
~ 3x 60-90min sessions that can be arranged online or in-person as you wish (we might even do some of them outdoors if that suits you…).

A dedicated and private online space
~ You’ll be asked to show up here and share your evolving process in between sessions. There will be magic in this I promise – it’ll be the space within you you get to shift into a whole new gear.

Ongoing coaching/mentoring within the group space
~ Feedback on the things you share, support for the steps you’re ready to take…

‘Keep-for-life’ practices
~ Uniquely recorded for this container aligned to the topic of the month. Think meditations, breath practices and movement – all designed to support your journey.

Access to all of the online timetable free of charge
~ Whether you’re able to show up live or would prefer to opt for a recording.

[And here’s that side note on container vs. programme: this is a space within which everyone will be expected to show up and take radical responsibility for themselves. Meaning it’s not just a programme you opt in to and sit on the sidelines with. The whole point is that within the space of the container, and the framework of the programme we each onboard and embody the work by engaging in it, reflecting upon it, acting on it – and sharing your journey with it along the way.]

The magic ✨

That, as I’ve taken to saying though, is just ‘the stuff’. A list of things that you get for your money but the things themselves don’t touch the sides of what’s on offer here.

Because the magic, the worth, the life-changing value (as you probably already know on some level) is in the whole. Life gets to redirect itself as you open up to new possibilities and ways of thinking. Everything aligns.

And let’s not beat around the bush shall we… enrolling in S P A C E is in itself an act of redirection, of stepping up. It’s an act of radical self-leadership, self-partnership, and it’s the first instance of many of stepping into the moment, just as the moment is there.

There is a beautiful group of people on this journey – and perhaps you’ll be the next one in. Of course there’s a financial commitment as well as energetic and the container is priced at £350/month. You’ll be signing up for the full six months and on joining I’ll plant 170 trees in your name in our collective forest. Because change begets change remember…


Doors to S P A C E are currently closed and will re-open in January 2022.  It won’t be for everyone but if you think it might be for you I’m of course available to talk it through and answer questions – in fact I’d welcome them (mail me).

And if you’re ready to take the leap, if you’re ready for some S P A C E in your life the next steps are simple. Drop me a line to let me know why and we’ll set up a call to check on the fit.